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Mc Loud Remote

Play your favorite media directly from

Mc Loud lets you play the media stored on your Dropbox account directly on your iPod touch, iPhone or iPad. Mc Loud also features a built-in remote control, which lets you control Mc Loud either from a web browser or from another iPod touch, iPhone or iPad using Mc Loud Remote!


Play media from your Dropbox account!

With Mc Loud it's easy to play media from your Dropbox, when you start Mc Loud for the first time it simply asks you to link your Dropbox account to Mc Loud:

Mc Loud uses oAuth authentication. This means that Mc Loud does not see your password, but uses an anonymous token from Dropbox that you can revoke from within Dropbox at any time.

After linking your Dropbox account to Mc Loud, the info tab is displayed:

Simply click the 'Index Dropbox Media button' and Mc Loud will search your Dropbox account for music and movies!

Even though a special algorithm has been designed to optimize download size and performance (with 25 parallel tasks), it will take some time to get the meta data (ID 3 Tags like Album, Artist, Creator, Track number, Disc number and sort fields) as well as the duration and album art.

You will probably want to run indexing using a WiFi connection to limit data costs and optimize speed.


Playing music

After Mc Loud has indexed your Dropbox, click on 'music' to view the indexed songs from your Dropbox. Mc Loud can display albums depending on the meta tags, such as IDv3, which are stored in your music files. You may need to update these tags for correct display of your albums.

To start playing a song, simply tap it and Mc Loud will start streaming it from your Dropbox.

When 'Use queue mode' is enabled in the Info tab, selected songs will be added to the 'Now Playing Queue'.

Using the search field, you can filter all songs on title, artist, album title, composer and genre.

Note: Mc Loud will play unprotected mp3, m4a, aiff and wav audio files.

Playing movies

After Mc Loud has indexed your Dropbox, click on 'movies' to view the indexed movies from your Dropbox.

To start playing a movie, simply tap it and Mc Loud will start streaming it from your Dropbox.

When connected to an Apple Digital AV Adapter, the movie will be shown on the attached display using the best available resolution.

If Airplay is enabled on the iPod touch, iPhone or iPad (from the lock screen or task bar) and connected to an Apple TV, the movie will play on the display connected to the Apple TV.

Note: Mc Loud will play unprotected compatible m4v, mov and 3gp video files.

Remote Control

You can Remote Control Mc Loud from another iOS device with Mc Loud Remote. After downloading Mc Loud Remote from the App store, you simply start it, select the device running Mc Loud and control the other device with the same familiar Mc Loud user interface. For this to work, both iOS devices need to be on the same WiFi network and Bonjour should not be blocked by the router.

If you want to remote control Mc Loud from any other device, Mc Loud can be controlled from a web browser either on your desktop or on a mobile device. Simply point your web browser to the address shown at the info screen under 'Connect to Mc Loud by IP Address'.



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